Monday, May 9, 2011

A little bit of everything..

All I can say is..I'm not the absolute worst blogger in the whole entire world! I'm just down there a ways.. :) I've gotten pretty busy these past few weeks between school work, family events, and other various things. So here is the list of things that I can remember happening in the past three weeks:

  1. I turned 18!!! :) YAYAY! and didn't have to renew my license! [honest!!]
  2. I got cowboy boots!! I'm a real Texan now ;)
  3. I got my senior pictures taken.. and I love them!
  4. I saw Soul Surfer [with Amanda and her sister] and Prom [with Amanda] -- both were cute and way clean [so hard to find these days!] Soul Surfer was my favorite though :)
  5. I got my Young Women Recognition Award/Personal Progress Award/Medallion [about it]
  6. My sister-in-law had her baby shower [she's due in 2 weeks and I can't wait!!!!]
  7. My mom and I went adventuring at an Antique Mall [great finds and fun!]
  8. Made a graduation announcement for a friend [and I'm making another tomorrow]
  9. Realized I have a *major* crush on a boy in one of my classes, but he actually goes to a different school, and gathered up the courage to talk to him
  10. Realized I am destined to marry a nerd [by that I mean a really smart guy!] because I am a nerd. I loooove biology. Like love it. No joke.. And I enjoy learning about it and find it fascinating and want to tell everyone about it. Ask Amanda.. ;)
  11. Took the AP Biology exam [today] and hope I did okay
  12. Talked to people at the college of life sciences at BYU and found out what classes I need to take [did I mention, I figured out what I'm going to major in?? Biological Science Education. I'm a nerd and I love it!!]
  13. Celebrated Mother's Day [hope y'all treated your mothers wonderfully!]
  14. Got lots of new clothes :):)
Thats all I can think of.. Major events at least..haha and yes I had to consult my journal for a few of those.

Now for the explanations of a few..

1. Last year, when I turned 17, I went to renew my license but they messed it up and put the wrong expiration date on it or something so I don't have to get a new one until..2017! Woot woot!

 3. Here are my favorites.. [and YES I wore my cowboy boooots!]

Oooh. I feel somewhat self absorbed now.. Promise I'm not!!
For family home evening tonight guess what we watched!! This and oh man.. that is an impressive 13 year old.. Inspiring :) Enjoy!!!