Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crisis ..plural!

Oh goodness, this is confusing! So, since Mormon Prom is coming up on Friday, my mom and I tried to shorten my dress (since the hem was all messed up! dumb store..) Well it's satin and that pretty much totally screwed it up! [not my mother's just wasn't a good dress. thank goodness it was cheeaaappp] yaaay.. [plus it made my butt look awkwardly large.. gross!]

Insert crisis number 1 here.

Then we went and got all my other pretty fancy dresses from the past and looked at them to find the solution. Here comes "Freshman Year, Choir Banquet Dress." So cute, classic, black (so it goes with the toms I'm wearing!), and SHORT. GAHHHHH.

Crisis number 2 here.

Finally, a solution was found. And pretty much my mother is amazing. She was able to add to the bottom layer and make it long enough and it looks like that is how it was made. 

Prom dress = Amazing. Imma look hottttt. :)
The crisis [plural??] were averted and all is well.

And now my question to all yall [remember, I'm from Texas!] is..
What is the plural form of crisis? Oh and I wouldn't look at it for too long, otherwise it starts to look like it's spelled wrong!! :)