Friday, April 1, 2011

Catch Up!

Ohhhhmaannn. I'm pretty much  h o r r i b l e  at this whole blogging deal.. Well here is my attempt to make up for not being on here for..a long time ;)

Sooo, first let me start with the Friday before spring break! I got to go to the Dallas World Aquarium with the NHS :) It was GREAT! I love the aquarium.. even though my favorite thing was the SLOTH! They are sooo coool! No kidding! [but don't worry guys, my favorite animal is still a camel!]

The penguins were soooo cute!

Then, I spent a weekend in Round Rock! Amanda and I went down to my sister & her hubby's place and did a lot of staying up late. Michael had to stay up to work on his portfolio, so we stayed up with him and watched movies!!! We <3 Netflix! Then Saturday night we went on a DATE. Amanda has friends who live in Round Rock and they have a son close to our age. And he and his friend took us on a date and then to their stake's dance hahahaha.. It was actually really fun! The guys were way cool. Date = Success!!

Sooo, Aubs looked up stuff to do in the Round Rock/Austin Area and they said to go on this hike! Mount Bonnell is the highest point in Austin.. It is really pretty! Buuuut.. 
It's really just a STAIRCASE! The reviews for it were something along these lines.. "It's not that hard of a hike, but it's steep at parts..blah blah blah!" Whoever wrote that crap is sooo dumb. Because it's actually just a stone stairs [labelled--man made...was that really necessary??] HA! There were 103 of them. Not 106 like the website said..haha!
Don't we look cute!?

Then to UTAH! I went down to PROVO! And toured BYU--I CANNOT WAIT TO GO THERE NEXT YEAR! AHH!!!!! And hung out with family..and we had a birthday party for my Grandpa! He's 80!!!

But now I have to go to schooool, soo pictures and more on BYU and my Mormon-land adventures later! :)