Wednesday, April 13, 2011



Get that!?! 18!! My birthday is in seven days. Ahh! I am so excited. Sort of. I'm going to be an adult. Nooo..that's a lie. I will always be the baby! Man it's nice being the youngest!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Prommy Prom Prom!

Okay so here's one picture :)

So with my lovely black dress I wore my pink sparkley Toms! :) And I was extremely comfy all night! It was a blast! These are all the senior girls from my seminary class!! [Kaitlyn, Rachel, Amanda, Me, Katie, Megan, and Bre]


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crisis ..plural!

Oh goodness, this is confusing! So, since Mormon Prom is coming up on Friday, my mom and I tried to shorten my dress (since the hem was all messed up! dumb store..) Well it's satin and that pretty much totally screwed it up! [not my mother's just wasn't a good dress. thank goodness it was cheeaaappp] yaaay.. [plus it made my butt look awkwardly large.. gross!]

Insert crisis number 1 here.

Then we went and got all my other pretty fancy dresses from the past and looked at them to find the solution. Here comes "Freshman Year, Choir Banquet Dress." So cute, classic, black (so it goes with the toms I'm wearing!), and SHORT. GAHHHHH.

Crisis number 2 here.

Finally, a solution was found. And pretty much my mother is amazing. She was able to add to the bottom layer and make it long enough and it looks like that is how it was made. 

Prom dress = Amazing. Imma look hottttt. :)
The crisis [plural??] were averted and all is well.

And now my question to all yall [remember, I'm from Texas!] is..
What is the plural form of crisis? Oh and I wouldn't look at it for too long, otherwise it starts to look like it's spelled wrong!! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fame or Shame?

Quick post real quick then off to my choir concert!!
Look at these.. aren't they great!? Here are my favorites :) ENJOY


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lovely Lovely Things!

So, I'm pretty darn happy right now! Here is why:


+Having the sis & hubby and the bro & wifey all at home!

+Getting my mandatory NHS hours done this afternoon w/great friends!

+Getting to sign up for housing on Monday AND there are still 3 beds left in the hall I really want, and 12 in my second choice! [+ I have the first time on Monday!!]

+Ice cream = Yum!


+And this lip stain! They are way coooool!! [Also for prom..can you tell I'm getting ready for it?]

+Tessa's amazing bun that I have been sporting for 4 of the past 5 days! So cute.. Check it out!

+Mormon Prom is next Friday and I cannot wait! 

+Painting my nails during conference.. :)

This is going to be a GREAT weekend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Catch Up!

Ohhhhmaannn. I'm pretty much  h o r r i b l e  at this whole blogging deal.. Well here is my attempt to make up for not being on here for..a long time ;)

Sooo, first let me start with the Friday before spring break! I got to go to the Dallas World Aquarium with the NHS :) It was GREAT! I love the aquarium.. even though my favorite thing was the SLOTH! They are sooo coool! No kidding! [but don't worry guys, my favorite animal is still a camel!]

The penguins were soooo cute!

Then, I spent a weekend in Round Rock! Amanda and I went down to my sister & her hubby's place and did a lot of staying up late. Michael had to stay up to work on his portfolio, so we stayed up with him and watched movies!!! We <3 Netflix! Then Saturday night we went on a DATE. Amanda has friends who live in Round Rock and they have a son close to our age. And he and his friend took us on a date and then to their stake's dance hahahaha.. It was actually really fun! The guys were way cool. Date = Success!!

Sooo, Aubs looked up stuff to do in the Round Rock/Austin Area and they said to go on this hike! Mount Bonnell is the highest point in Austin.. It is really pretty! Buuuut.. 
It's really just a STAIRCASE! The reviews for it were something along these lines.. "It's not that hard of a hike, but it's steep at parts..blah blah blah!" Whoever wrote that crap is sooo dumb. Because it's actually just a stone stairs [labelled--man made...was that really necessary??] HA! There were 103 of them. Not 106 like the website said..haha!
Don't we look cute!?

Then to UTAH! I went down to PROVO! And toured BYU--I CANNOT WAIT TO GO THERE NEXT YEAR! AHH!!!!! And hung out with family..and we had a birthday party for my Grandpa! He's 80!!!

But now I have to go to schooool, soo pictures and more on BYU and my Mormon-land adventures later! :)