Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am really digging this lipstick.. It's the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush! Sooo cute. Plus I got it for $4! Holla. I <3 Target, it's amazing!
So I don't having anything too exciting for y'all tonight.. But I'll do Awkward and Awesome from the Daybook!

-Facebook Creeps. My question: WHY ARE YOU ADDING ME?! I don't know you and just because we have mutual friends does not mean you can add me.. Friend Request.. Denied. [Is that terrible of me!? If so you should be informed that I also delete people..It makes you feel refreshed!]
-Pants that are too big. Gahhhh. Then you have to awkwardly yank them up before they fall down [and this is while wearing a belt!]..I dislike pants that are extrememly large.. I need new pants/jeans/capris! Want to donate to the "Buy Madi New Jeans for Spring So She Can Look Suppaa Cute" fund?? It's a goooood--no GREAT--cause!
-Study dates.. no wait. Those are awesome! ;)

-The aforementioned study date. Haha I'm don't think it really was a study date per say, more like a hang out, while we happened to be [sorta, not really, mostly just talking] studying. But it was still awesome! Making new friends holla! Bummer it's the last semester of high school and I will never see most of them again :( Wish we became friends soooner..
-$4 lipstick! In a very cute pink color!!
-Dinner dates with the girlfriends! Followed by a frozen yogurt run.. YES!
-Letting someone borrow your Jimmer Fredette shirt and them returning it with a Sonic giftcard.. Can I say Happy Hour!? Cherry Limeade w/Vanilla, Easy Ice please!!! :) It's the best drink ever. Go. Try. It. Now. You will fall in l-o-v-e.