Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Soo Yesterday..

Okay, so whenever anyone says "So Yesterday" don't you just have to start singing "So Yesterday" by the lovely Hilary Duff? Because I most definitely do! 

Anyways, yesterday was a wonderful day! It was NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY! I hope you all went to Ihop and got yourself and your loved ones some free pancakes! Because my friends and I most definitely did. The seniors got to go to school late yesterday, 10:30 instead of 7:15am! It was pretty great.

After that we had a Senior Meeting.. The talked about Prom, Graduation, etc etc.. It was a joy.. haha. After school, Rachel, Amanda, and I hung out [again! haha] We researched housing & meal plans for BYU [I'm sooo excited!!], and most exciting..planned our Spring Break Utah trip!! We also went to a softball game, it was so cold! Not my favorite, but my school won so that's good. haha!