Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Note!

So this weekend Amanda and I started out our spring break right and went down to Round Rock, TX to visit my sister & bro-in-law!!  IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND! Full of sleeping, movies, napping, netflix, resting our eyes, and..spending quality time with Aubs & Bubba!!! :) Hahah..

Anywayses.. Tomorrow I journey to the great--cold--land of UTAH! [Amanda is going as well, but with our friend Rachel!] My family and I are going and it is going to be GREAT! 

I'll be gone for a weeeeeek. And I will finally post pictures of everything when I get back. And after school calms down a bit.. :)

As a teaser to the details on the Round Rock trip.. I went on a date! AH!

Much love,