Sunday, March 6, 2011

It has been a good few days..

Hence why I haven't posted in three days!! :)

Seminary. But our teacher accidentally slept in.. so we called him to see where he was and apparently we had just woken him up. So we went to get donuts. They were goooood. School--nothing too interesting. Oh. I am an office aid 4th block and the principal and the secretary for the office I work in weren't there.. so I went and worked on the yearbook. [I don't think I've mentioned this. I'm an editor.. yaay. I love it but it's a ton of work. BUT--Friday we turned in the remaining pages of the book. YAAAY! Now just proof them and we are DONE!] Then work. Then OTB [On the Border--queso night!] with the frieeends.

Amanda and I drove an hour and a half [yesssss we're crazy!!] to get our haircut! But man we look cute!! Then stopped by the outlets on the way home. We went to.. Nike, J. Crew, the Vans Store [on accident..!], Ann Taylor, Levi's [we were there for over 1 1/2 hours!!!! but we got some waay cute jeans!] and I think that's it.. [correct me if I'm wrong Amanda!!]
Then we went to Old Navy to kill thirty minutes before we had to pick up our dear friend Kyle for this fundraiser dinner.. But it was all good! I got a shirt for $6.50 and some sandals for $9.50! Then we finally got home practically 12 hours after we left. Man..we were  b u s y . 

Church!!!!! I love church. But I love it even more when I get to sleep in before hand. Then when I get to watch amazing Hallmark movies after. Yes. I am 17 [ALMOST 18!!!] and I watch Hallmark movies. They are the best. Go record and watch Ice Castles RIGHT NOW!!!! GO! 

love, Madison..

ps. if you haven't checked out this yet.. GO! :) They're hilarious!

pss. BYU had a great game Saturday. GO COUGS!

psss. I'm very sad I don't have pictures for any of this. They are all on Amanda's camera.. :(

pssss. if I had a lot of money, I would pretty much buy my entire wardrobe from J. Crew!!!!!! I wanted to buy the entire store. You can donate if you would like :)

psssss. I'm pretty sure I posted/complained about needing new jeans [here], well I got some!! They are boyfriend jeans and I love them! They are really cute as capris but also work as jeans.. I can't wait for school tomorrow so I can wear them!!!

there. I think I'm really done this time!