Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eighth Grade?

This lovely shirt was bought in 8th grade. I'm in 12th grade right now. How awesome is that!? I love Fossil. Their stuff is amazing quality and sooo cute. I love their bags and their clothing..too bad it's not cheaper! 
Shirt: Fossil [from 8th grade!!]; Jeans: Target; Undershirt: Down East
Basics; Necklace: ..I don't remember..; Sandals: DSW [I <3 DSW!!!!]
Oh man, at church tonight we did a homemaking relay! The boys had to dress a baby [doll], fill a bottle; when the girls had to carry a table around the room, open a jar; then we both had to pick up toys and fold clothes with our hands tied together! It was super fun.. Then we got to play Kitty in the Corner?, Killer Frog, and Do You Love Your Neighbor? They are soooo fun!!! And the youth LOVED the activity. 
s u c e s s !