Thursday, March 10, 2011

Burnt. Out.

Being a senior in high school is hard. :( So much work.. Yes, I am taking some blow off classes, but I am still always tired!! haha.. Oh well. That's life! But guess what next week is..


Wooooot! And guess where I am going.. UTAAAHHH!!!! I cannot wait. I'm going to go to my Grandpa's 80th birthday party and hang out at BYU for a few days.. I CAN'T WAIT!! And see my wonderful family..!!!

Awkward & Awesome [except without the awkward :( because I can't think of any!!!]
So now it's Simply Awesome!!

-Today in yearbook we had a party! Because we finished our boook!! YAYY!!!!
-My aunt and cousin came and are staying over tonight! I love getting to see them. Family is the BEST!
-Tomorrow I get to go to the Dallas Aquarium with NHS [National Honor Society] so I don't have to go to schoooool!!
-Tomorrow after said field trip I'm going down to Round Rock to stay with Aubs & Bubba YAY!
-Tuesday I'm going to utaaah!!!!!

Can you tell I'm way excited for this break!? It's most definitely needed!!
PS--I promise promise promise I will someday [hopefully soon ;)] post some pictures!! These posts without any are somewhat sad looking.. So for your enjoyment [and mine!] here is the following comic strip..