Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Note!

So this weekend Amanda and I started out our spring break right and went down to Round Rock, TX to visit my sister & bro-in-law!!  IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND! Full of sleeping, movies, napping, netflix, resting our eyes, and..spending quality time with Aubs & Bubba!!! :) Hahah..

Anywayses.. Tomorrow I journey to the great--cold--land of UTAH! [Amanda is going as well, but with our friend Rachel!] My family and I are going and it is going to be GREAT! 

I'll be gone for a weeeeeek. And I will finally post pictures of everything when I get back. And after school calms down a bit.. :)

As a teaser to the details on the Round Rock trip.. I went on a date! AH!

Much love,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Burnt. Out.

Being a senior in high school is hard. :( So much work.. Yes, I am taking some blow off classes, but I am still always tired!! haha.. Oh well. That's life! But guess what next week is..


Wooooot! And guess where I am going.. UTAAAHHH!!!! I cannot wait. I'm going to go to my Grandpa's 80th birthday party and hang out at BYU for a few days.. I CAN'T WAIT!! And see my wonderful family..!!!

Awkward & Awesome [except without the awkward :( because I can't think of any!!!]
So now it's Simply Awesome!!

-Today in yearbook we had a party! Because we finished our boook!! YAYY!!!!
-My aunt and cousin came and are staying over tonight! I love getting to see them. Family is the BEST!
-Tomorrow I get to go to the Dallas Aquarium with NHS [National Honor Society] so I don't have to go to schoooool!!
-Tomorrow after said field trip I'm going down to Round Rock to stay with Aubs & Bubba YAY!
-Tuesday I'm going to utaaah!!!!!

Can you tell I'm way excited for this break!? It's most definitely needed!!
PS--I promise promise promise I will someday [hopefully soon ;)] post some pictures!! These posts without any are somewhat sad looking.. So for your enjoyment [and mine!] here is the following comic strip..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It has been a good few days..

Hence why I haven't posted in three days!! :)

Seminary. But our teacher accidentally slept in.. so we called him to see where he was and apparently we had just woken him up. So we went to get donuts. They were goooood. School--nothing too interesting. Oh. I am an office aid 4th block and the principal and the secretary for the office I work in weren't there.. so I went and worked on the yearbook. [I don't think I've mentioned this. I'm an editor.. yaay. I love it but it's a ton of work. BUT--Friday we turned in the remaining pages of the book. YAAAY! Now just proof them and we are DONE!] Then work. Then OTB [On the Border--queso night!] with the frieeends.

Amanda and I drove an hour and a half [yesssss we're crazy!!] to get our haircut! But man we look cute!! Then stopped by the outlets on the way home. We went to.. Nike, J. Crew, the Vans Store [on accident..!], Ann Taylor, Levi's [we were there for over 1 1/2 hours!!!! but we got some waay cute jeans!] and I think that's it.. [correct me if I'm wrong Amanda!!]
Then we went to Old Navy to kill thirty minutes before we had to pick up our dear friend Kyle for this fundraiser dinner.. But it was all good! I got a shirt for $6.50 and some sandals for $9.50! Then we finally got home practically 12 hours after we left. Man..we were  b u s y . 

Church!!!!! I love church. But I love it even more when I get to sleep in before hand. Then when I get to watch amazing Hallmark movies after. Yes. I am 17 [ALMOST 18!!!] and I watch Hallmark movies. They are the best. Go record and watch Ice Castles RIGHT NOW!!!! GO! 

love, Madison..

ps. if you haven't checked out this yet.. GO! :) They're hilarious!

pss. BYU had a great game Saturday. GO COUGS!

psss. I'm very sad I don't have pictures for any of this. They are all on Amanda's camera.. :(

pssss. if I had a lot of money, I would pretty much buy my entire wardrobe from J. Crew!!!!!! I wanted to buy the entire store. You can donate if you would like :)

psssss. I'm pretty sure I posted/complained about needing new jeans [here], well I got some!! They are boyfriend jeans and I love them! They are really cute as capris but also work as jeans.. I can't wait for school tomorrow so I can wear them!!!

there. I think I'm really done this time!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am really digging this lipstick.. It's the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush! Sooo cute. Plus I got it for $4! Holla. I <3 Target, it's amazing!
So I don't having anything too exciting for y'all tonight.. But I'll do Awkward and Awesome from the Daybook!

-Facebook Creeps. My question: WHY ARE YOU ADDING ME?! I don't know you and just because we have mutual friends does not mean you can add me.. Friend Request.. Denied. [Is that terrible of me!? If so you should be informed that I also delete people..It makes you feel refreshed!]
-Pants that are too big. Gahhhh. Then you have to awkwardly yank them up before they fall down [and this is while wearing a belt!]..I dislike pants that are extrememly large.. I need new pants/jeans/capris! Want to donate to the "Buy Madi New Jeans for Spring So She Can Look Suppaa Cute" fund?? It's a goooood--no GREAT--cause!
-Study dates.. no wait. Those are awesome! ;)

-The aforementioned study date. Haha I'm don't think it really was a study date per say, more like a hang out, while we happened to be [sorta, not really, mostly just talking] studying. But it was still awesome! Making new friends holla! Bummer it's the last semester of high school and I will never see most of them again :( Wish we became friends soooner..
-$4 lipstick! In a very cute pink color!!
-Dinner dates with the girlfriends! Followed by a frozen yogurt run.. YES!
-Letting someone borrow your Jimmer Fredette shirt and them returning it with a Sonic giftcard.. Can I say Happy Hour!? Cherry Limeade w/Vanilla, Easy Ice please!!! :) It's the best drink ever. Go. Try. It. Now. You will fall in l-o-v-e.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eighth Grade?

This lovely shirt was bought in 8th grade. I'm in 12th grade right now. How awesome is that!? I love Fossil. Their stuff is amazing quality and sooo cute. I love their bags and their clothing..too bad it's not cheaper! 
Shirt: Fossil [from 8th grade!!]; Jeans: Target; Undershirt: Down East
Basics; Necklace: ..I don't remember..; Sandals: DSW [I <3 DSW!!!!]
Oh man, at church tonight we did a homemaking relay! The boys had to dress a baby [doll], fill a bottle; when the girls had to carry a table around the room, open a jar; then we both had to pick up toys and fold clothes with our hands tied together! It was super fun.. Then we got to play Kitty in the Corner?, Killer Frog, and Do You Love Your Neighbor? They are soooo fun!!! And the youth LOVED the activity. 
s u c e s s !

Soo Yesterday..

Okay, so whenever anyone says "So Yesterday" don't you just have to start singing "So Yesterday" by the lovely Hilary Duff? Because I most definitely do! 

Anyways, yesterday was a wonderful day! It was NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY! I hope you all went to Ihop and got yourself and your loved ones some free pancakes! Because my friends and I most definitely did. The seniors got to go to school late yesterday, 10:30 instead of 7:15am! It was pretty great.

After that we had a Senior Meeting.. The talked about Prom, Graduation, etc etc.. It was a joy.. haha. After school, Rachel, Amanda, and I hung out [again! haha] We researched housing & meal plans for BYU [I'm sooo excited!!], and most exciting..planned our Spring Break Utah trip!! We also went to a softball game, it was so cold! Not my favorite, but my school won so that's good. haha!