Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a SNOW DAY!

Okay so today we didn't have school again! (Last week we had Tuesday-Friday off because of the ice here in north Texas..) It's the fifth day we've had off in two weeks and it's been great! I got to sleep in until 9ish, then didn't do anything until much later than that. My mom and I went to Target and Joann's Fabrics to get stuff to make this dress (from Elle Apparel). Then I had to go to work, then home and hung out with some friends! Oh man, snow (more like ice days here in Texas!) are amazing.. So relaxing and refreshing.. Hahah LOVE THEM.

Anyways, I'm participating in a 30 Day Object Photo Challenge from Digital Scrapbook Memories. My cousin started the company a few years ago and just recently sold it to the oh-so-lovely Amy. It's a great company with the cutest digital scrapbooking supplies! Plus their forum has tons of scrapbook challenges and such.. You should all join ;)
Back to my point.. Here is my photo for the day. This is my favorite scarf; it's got tan and charcoal in it, so it matches literally anything. Plus their are dozens of ways to wear it. I love scarves!! So I wore this all day to keep me nice and warm (it was in the 20s and the wind chill made it feel like 8 degrees! AH!). 
Old Navy!