Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Rundown

Friends-tine's and babysitting!
We have "Big Sister, Little Sister" program in our choir, so we had a party to get to know each other better. Then I went to a church dance.. it was one of our better ones and I had a blast! 
Oh goodness. I was at church from 12:20-7:45pm. Almost 8 hours of church. First I had choir beforehand, then actual church. Then straight to my Stake Youth Committee meeting, then straight to New Beginnings.. oh man was I tired afterwards. Now thats a busy Sunday!

But to the real reason I started posting..Oh my gosh. BYU is driving me insane. They said that sometime in February we will get our acceptance letters. We're now at the halfway point of the month and still haven't gotten them yet.. I'm hoping for this week haha! Some of my friends have made a vow to only check their email once a week.. I can't wait that long, what if they came when I didn't check! So, I check everyday. :)
Wish me luck!!