Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue!

So, I'm really proud of this outfit. I think I did really well putting together something unique and extremely cute. I love this outfit!

In an attempt to come up with a creative title, here's what I got but then I figured I'll explain it.. so here ya go!
Something Old-the Jacket
Something New-the Shoes!
Something Borrowed-..nothing.. :(
Something Blue-the Jeans!

Jacket-Fashion Bug, Shirt-Old Navy, Undershirt-Down East Basics, Jeans-Delia's, Shoes-Payless

Plus--I definitely haven't worn that jacket for at least a year, so 10 bonus points for me!! And I'm new to this whole taking-pictures-of-my-outfit thing, so bear with me!

OH! AND I JUST FOUND OUT MY FAMILY GOT TICKETS FOR THE BYU vs. TCU GAME! GO COUGS!  (yes, all capital letters were necessary to show my excitement!!)