Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Man.. It's Monday!

So, I didn't look thaaat cute today, nothing too special.. nothing too cute.. so instead here are my gorgeous nails that I just painted! I'm very into painting nails lately! :) And tomorrow is National Pancake Day! So make sure you stop by IHOP and get you some!! I know Amanda and I are going to. After seminary we don't have first or second block (thanks to TAKS testing, woot woot for being a senior!!) so instead we're going to go get some free pancakes with our fellow crazy mormons!

We're only crazy because we go to seminary before school.. School is at 7:15 am, meaning seminary starts at 5:45 am, so don't even start with me about being sleep deprived!! hahaa. it's okay, we love it!! 

PS. If you an idea for what I should call my blog.. leave me a comment!! :)