Friday, February 11, 2011


So tonight was Friends-tine's!! It's like Valentine's Day for friends, and it is genius! We all went to dinner together, then exchanged little valentines. They were soo cute! I forgot to get a picture of the ones I made before I gave them away, so here is one of the valentines I got! [Mine were those Zebra Cakes then I tied a ribbon around it and curled the ends, and put a cheesy Valentine's Day sticker on it..but they were sooo cute! And super duper cheap, $5 for 10 valentines, and it was more than just a piece of candy.. haha!]

We also have Friends-mas, Friends Patrick's Day, Friends-ter, and Friends-lloween! If you can't tell..I LOVE HOLIDAYS! :) And this way it gives you a reason to go out with friends!

Oh and just as a side note.. Loud parties at 11:30 at night, in a small neighborhood are possibly the most annoying things ever. I'm babysitting and diagonally across the street there is this super loud party going on, like I can easily hear their music.. it's ridiculous!!