Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bedtime Story?

Soo.. once upon a time there was a cute, loving, outgoing, mormon girl named Madison (Madi for short). She lived in Texas and worked really hard in school to get good grades. Then, upon the arrival of her senior year of high school, she applied to Brigham Young Univerisity, located in Provo, Utah. That was in December. She wait  f o r e v e r  to hear back from her beloved BYU. All she truly wanted in life was to be a Cougar. Well, upon a lovely Wednesday evening, after a fun night at mutual (more about that later..!) she heard that everyone who applied was going to hear that night regarding their acceptance. So she opened her email, the Route Y student directory, the Route Y personal info, and the BYU Admission's facebook and "patiently" waited. The refresh button almost died, but close to 11:00 pm she saw it. She screamed. Ran into her parents room, and checked all other sites to verify. There it was. ADMITTED UNDERGRADUATE. Then she had to go to her English homework.. :)

Soooo.. guess who's going to BYU?? Me, that's who!!! Fall 2011 baby.. I'm soooo proud to be a cougar! :)
More about everything tomorrow. Now time to do English homework..