Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Man.. It's Monday!

So, I didn't look thaaat cute today, nothing too special.. nothing too cute.. so instead here are my gorgeous nails that I just painted! I'm very into painting nails lately! :) And tomorrow is National Pancake Day! So make sure you stop by IHOP and get you some!! I know Amanda and I are going to. After seminary we don't have first or second block (thanks to TAKS testing, woot woot for being a senior!!) so instead we're going to go get some free pancakes with our fellow crazy mormons!

We're only crazy because we go to seminary before school.. School is at 7:15 am, meaning seminary starts at 5:45 am, so don't even start with me about being sleep deprived!! hahaa. it's okay, we love it!! 

PS. If you an idea for what I should call my blog.. leave me a comment!! :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a Weekend!

So I've been busy. Thursday we had to celebrate getting into BYU! Friday I went out of town and got back Saturday. And Sunday [today] we had church, then Linger Longer [pot luck!], then had to go home to make treats for the SED/Fireside [Sunday Evening Discussion]! 

Celebrating BYU!!! We went from FREAKING OUT..

Katelyn, her mom, and I ventured to San Antonio--the home of the Alamo [remember it!] We went to 3 outlet malls [1 Friday and 2 Saturday!] and to WICKED on Friday night. it. was. amazing. period, the end. I've seen it before but it had the best Galinda/Glinda I've ever seen! Then Saturday night she, Amanda, and I went to our friend Zander's house for a fire with s'mores and fun!

At the outlets I got.. a COACH Purse [$58! A steal really..] and 2 Bath and Body Works Lotions and 1 spray [<$10!!!] So, I think I did really well!


Oh man.. Rachel, Amanda, and I had to make treats.. plus we looked really cute, so naturally pictures were necessary!

Shirt-Target $8?, Skirt-Target $6, Shoes-DSW


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bedtime Story?

Soo.. once upon a time there was a cute, loving, outgoing, mormon girl named Madison (Madi for short). She lived in Texas and worked really hard in school to get good grades. Then, upon the arrival of her senior year of high school, she applied to Brigham Young Univerisity, located in Provo, Utah. That was in December. She wait  f o r e v e r  to hear back from her beloved BYU. All she truly wanted in life was to be a Cougar. Well, upon a lovely Wednesday evening, after a fun night at mutual (more about that later..!) she heard that everyone who applied was going to hear that night regarding their acceptance. So she opened her email, the Route Y student directory, the Route Y personal info, and the BYU Admission's facebook and "patiently" waited. The refresh button almost died, but close to 11:00 pm she saw it. She screamed. Ran into her parents room, and checked all other sites to verify. There it was. ADMITTED UNDERGRADUATE. Then she had to go to her English homework.. :)

Soooo.. guess who's going to BYU?? Me, that's who!!! Fall 2011 baby.. I'm soooo proud to be a cougar! :)
More about everything tomorrow. Now time to do English homework..

Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day!


1. HAPPY President's Day! Y'all do anything fun? I did.. :)

2. I got one of the new OPI Texas Collection polishes today! It's called 'Suzi Loves Cowboys' and I can't wait to use it!
Click on it to see the BEST nail polish names ever!!

3. I am going to get cowgirl boots.. Who knows when, but soon! Hopefully.. most definitely by summer (or at the very latest before college!! Gotta represent TEXAS!) 

The Jimmer Show!

Except.. the BYU vs. TCU game wasn't soo much his show.. Rogers, Emery, and all of the Cougars did AMAZING! :) I love basketball. 

Here are some pictures from the Friday Blog Date!
First, we redesigned our blogs! The backgrounds and headers that is :)
Now here is some fashion for you.. Amanda here NEVER matches,
so Katie and I decided we didn't have to either! I love my capris with
Uggs and Katie's (truly Amanda's) "granola shoes" with socks!
Apples = Sexy!
(and if you don't have an apple.. just use a pear!)
Check out are presh* blogs.

(*presh = precious!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue!

So, I'm really proud of this outfit. I think I did really well putting together something unique and extremely cute. I love this outfit!

In an attempt to come up with a creative title, here's what I got but then I figured I'll explain it.. so here ya go!
Something Old-the Jacket
Something New-the Shoes!
Something Borrowed-..nothing.. :(
Something Blue-the Jeans!

Jacket-Fashion Bug, Shirt-Old Navy, Undershirt-Down East Basics, Jeans-Delia's, Shoes-Payless

Plus--I definitely haven't worn that jacket for at least a year, so 10 bonus points for me!! And I'm new to this whole taking-pictures-of-my-outfit thing, so bear with me!

OH! AND I JUST FOUND OUT MY FAMILY GOT TICKETS FOR THE BYU vs. TCU GAME! GO COUGS!  (yes, all capital letters were necessary to show my excitement!!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Date!

So a few friends of mine and I are getting together Friday to work on our blogs.. Haha, we're still getting the hang of this whole thing! I'm determined to figure this out.

And I'm definitely feeling like dressing cute tomorrow, so I will have to post pictures. The pressures on..oh no! Hopefully I can put something cute together. :) I'm getting inspired by Katri and Kendi and Sydney and Kailee. Take a look, they're the cutest! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Rundown

Friends-tine's and babysitting!
We have "Big Sister, Little Sister" program in our choir, so we had a party to get to know each other better. Then I went to a church dance.. it was one of our better ones and I had a blast! 
Oh goodness. I was at church from 12:20-7:45pm. Almost 8 hours of church. First I had choir beforehand, then actual church. Then straight to my Stake Youth Committee meeting, then straight to New Beginnings.. oh man was I tired afterwards. Now thats a busy Sunday!

But to the real reason I started posting..Oh my gosh. BYU is driving me insane. They said that sometime in February we will get our acceptance letters. We're now at the halfway point of the month and still haven't gotten them yet.. I'm hoping for this week haha! Some of my friends have made a vow to only check their email once a week.. I can't wait that long, what if they came when I didn't check! So, I check everyday. :)
Wish me luck!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


So tonight was Friends-tine's!! It's like Valentine's Day for friends, and it is genius! We all went to dinner together, then exchanged little valentines. They were soo cute! I forgot to get a picture of the ones I made before I gave them away, so here is one of the valentines I got! [Mine were those Zebra Cakes then I tied a ribbon around it and curled the ends, and put a cheesy Valentine's Day sticker on it..but they were sooo cute! And super duper cheap, $5 for 10 valentines, and it was more than just a piece of candy.. haha!]

We also have Friends-mas, Friends Patrick's Day, Friends-ter, and Friends-lloween! If you can't tell..I LOVE HOLIDAYS! :) And this way it gives you a reason to go out with friends!

Oh and just as a side note.. Loud parties at 11:30 at night, in a small neighborhood are possibly the most annoying things ever. I'm babysitting and diagonally across the street there is this super loud party going on, like I can easily hear their music.. it's ridiculous!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a SNOW DAY!

Okay so today we didn't have school again! (Last week we had Tuesday-Friday off because of the ice here in north Texas..) It's the fifth day we've had off in two weeks and it's been great! I got to sleep in until 9ish, then didn't do anything until much later than that. My mom and I went to Target and Joann's Fabrics to get stuff to make this dress (from Elle Apparel). Then I had to go to work, then home and hung out with some friends! Oh man, snow (more like ice days here in Texas!) are amazing.. So relaxing and refreshing.. Hahah LOVE THEM.

Anyways, I'm participating in a 30 Day Object Photo Challenge from Digital Scrapbook Memories. My cousin started the company a few years ago and just recently sold it to the oh-so-lovely Amy. It's a great company with the cutest digital scrapbooking supplies! Plus their forum has tons of scrapbook challenges and such.. You should all join ;)
Back to my point.. Here is my photo for the day. This is my favorite scarf; it's got tan and charcoal in it, so it matches literally anything. Plus their are dozens of ways to wear it. I love scarves!! So I wore this all day to keep me nice and warm (it was in the 20s and the wind chill made it feel like 8 degrees! AH!). 
Old Navy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hello there!

Well I've been secretly stalking many o' blogs out there and have possibly decided it's my turn. I'm not sure what to do with this yet, but first I'll introduce myself with a picture and some thoughts.
I'm Madison.
A 17 year old (going on 18 here pretty soon!) high school senior.
I'm a yearbook editor and a choir member.
I work part time after school and deal with everything else in my life right now.
I love taking pictures and my love for sewing is growing.
I was born and raised in Texas and love it with all my heart!
My mom and I go on weekly lunch dates and I tell her everything.
I get up at 5 am to go to seminary everyday before school, willingly!
I love my crazy, half print/half cursive handwriting--it's a hot mess.
I love my friends and most importantly my family. They are the most important people to me. They are who I tell exciting news to first, they are the people who's opinions truly matter to me, and they are great examples for me.
I'm the little one in the front center!
Hello World!