Sunday, August 21, 2011

College Here I Come!

Well, I move into my dorm on WEDNESDAY!
I can't believe I'm actually going to college.

I've already been up here in Utah for just over a week now.
I went to Bear Lake with some of my wonderful cousins.
And let me tell ya.. we had a blast!!

But ohhhh baby was the water COLD!
I was freeeeeezing.
And even in the shade I was chilly because of the breeze.
But in the sun it was PERFECT!

We went on the Idaho side of the lake because there was a really good beach there.
And it wasn't too too crowded!
We had jet skis and just played at the beach for two days.
And relaxed for two more!
It was wonderful.

Welcome to my new home for the next four years!!
(and that's the minimum.. maybe longer, we'll see ;) ha)

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Friday, August 5, 2011


Well I'm gearing up to go to college.

[I leave a week from TOMORROW. AH]

So I gots-ta-get all hip.
I got contacts.
I got full bangs.

And I think that's it.. but it's a lot to take in!
:) Hahahaha. I'm having fun with it!

You like!?

Oh and another super duper cool thing..
I went to this local BYU sendoff thing,
for all the people going up to any of the BYU
in the metroplex!

And I went with some friends.
And we all won AWESOME prizes.
I love trivia games!

My question was:
At the base of which mountains is BYU located?
And the answer is:
the WASATCH mountains!

So I won this fabulous button!!!
How fun is that?
My backpack is going to rock that for the next four years!
Holla holla!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crafting Away the Summer

I guess I've been pretty busy.. :)
So here are a few of the things I've made this summer!

Canvas Wall Art
For my dorm.. I had to show my love of Texas!

A Skirt!
A-Line with elastic gathered waistband. But the waistband isn't that pretty so I always wear a belt of it.. ha! And a close-up of the gorgeous fabric!!

And now I'm off to go make a bracelet and catch up on some shows! :)
I've been out of town. The fam went camping last week. It was a blast!!

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Monday, June 27, 2011


We had our dear friend's the Kurtz's over for dinner!

We ate, played, listened, and talked!
All the things needed for a great FHE.

Here are some pictures that me and DJ took!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late late Sunday night


Well I got my watch Saturday!!!
It got here so fast (I only ordered it..Wednesday night?)
And well I love it! As I expected I would.
Thanks Trendy Boutique!

In other news.. I've been BUSY!
Here was my saturday:

1. Pick up brother & friend from EFY
[To Denton and home again by 8 am!]

2. Some hardcore nappage with momma and sis-in-law!
[While the boys went golfing]

3. To Irving with brother & sis-in-law & nephew to chill!

4. Then to Frisco to see cute cute baby Carson!
[A really good family friend's baby.. He was a brother to me growing up and now he's a daddy!]

5. To In-N-Out Burger!
[I liked it! Not the best burger I've had, but it's the experience that's wonderful! haha!]

6. Home James! [I mean dad!!] for some good ol' Netflix and sleeepy time!

I am loving Sundays more and more. Especially during the summer.
They are more relaxing and I feel like I can better remember that it's the Sabbath.
I don't have to go to seminary the next day and then school.. sooo nice!
Just work, but that's not something I really need to worry about on Sunday!
It's a blessing.

I went to singles ward.. have ya ever been? Because it's kinda nerve-racking!
Especially when you're only 18 and you feel like you're not actually supposed to be there..
but you are there! And can be..!
Hahaha. I felt like I should have had my big sister there with me :)

I would always go visit her up at college and go to her student ward.
Of course I'm 7 years younger than her so I just tagged along and it didn't bother me.
But me going by myself!? Ah!!! Where's Aubrey when I need her??
[Married and in Austin, TX that's where!! ;) LOVE HER!]

We had a great talk based on Ann M. Dibb's talk Hold On from the October 2009 General Conference. It was fabulous!! I recommend reading that talk!!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

A week full of firsts!

Well I travelled down to Galveston with my Mom and her friend from church!
And we've been going to the beach, watching So You Think You Can Dance, reading, and shopping!
[Yeah, you don't have to worry about our priorities! We've got them set straight!]

And I've had a few firsts this week:

-I made a Pinterest account! Follow me here!! :)

-I bought (and wore!!) my first maxi dress!! AH. It's a very exciting event.

-Order my first silicon band watch :):)
And it was only $9.20!!!!
Such a great deal! Can't wait until it gets here!!
Plus it's BYU colors and I just can't wait until I go in August ;)
Via The Trendy Boutique.
If you need a watch become their Facebook friend and get coupons!
They have the best prices!

-I got my first laptop!!
A Macbook Pro for college, and I love it of course.

-I also said goodbye (for now!) to my dear friend Amanda!
She's the first of my good friends (in my grade that is) to go off to college.
But we will be reunited again in August!

Well I think that's all.. Haha!
Yes some of them weren't very exciting firsts..but firsts nonetheless! :)
Enjoy your weekend.. I know I sure will!
My brother & sis-in-law & nephew are staying with us for a few days,
so it will be a blast for sure!

PS! Check out this pin:
Anybody else live by this? I know me and my Mom sure do :)
Pinned here. Posted here.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

what a great day!

So many wonderful people and wonderful things have made this day just glorious! Here are 10 reasons it's been amazing:

1. Oreo Truffle Balls (or whatever you want to call these delicious treats!)

If you haven't made them.. you should! They took me and my friend Kalee about 45 mins to make, but we were going really slow. And they're just delicious.
So recipe real quick:
-1 package of Oreos [we used double stuff!!]
-1 package of Cream Cheese [off brand is cheaper ;)]
-1 package of Almond Bark or Chocolate Chips
-Sprinkles!! [optional--but very cute!]

Put the cookies in a gallon sized bag and crush them up with a rolling pin.
Next mix the cookie crumbs and the cream cheese together in a mixing bowl.
Form approx. 1 inch balls. I would grease your hands before you do this just to make it a little bit cleaner.
Melt the almond bark/chocolate chips--mixing it every 30 secs. or so!
Dip/cover the balls with the chocolate and place on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.
Sprinkle to your hearts content!!
Then put them in the fridge or freezer! Enjoy :)

2. Yummmmmy in my tummy dinner made by my mommy!
Loaded baked potatoes with smoked brisket annnd everything. A real Texas meal!

3. Church [with Kalee!!] and some other old friends.
Church is amazing. Literally. No matter where you go, it's there. True, full, and the same!

4. Getting to hold my gorgeous nephew all day! [okay not really but for a looonnnng time!]
Look how cute we are!!

5. Registering for classes for fall semester!! [My first semester of college..AH!!]
I can't wait to be up there with my big brother Cammy Cam!!

WOOOOOYAAA!!!!! Let's go MAVERICKS!!! First time in franchise history.
I love Dirk. And Barea. And Kidd. And Terry.
..Can you tell I like basketball?!?

7. Relaxing before and after church with the people I love. My Family :)
I'm cliché..get over it! ;) But it's soooo true.
My brother and his wife come over almost every Sunday and hang out with me and my parents and we always have such a blast together!!

8. Deleting over 200 friends on Facebook. Hahaha.
This might be mean sounding.. but it's really not!
They were the people that I barely knew or knew of or something.
And let me tell you.. deleting people makes you feel realllly happy.
Or maybe I'm just a sick person.
..NAAAH. That can't be it!

9. My parents snoring on the couch next to me right now.
Gotta love 'em!

10. The fact that I can actually say I'm a high school graduate.
Just waiting to go to college! One of the moms at church today was just saying I'm in limbo, waiting. She said that her friends always called it "BM"--before marriage! AH!!! Now I'm really going to get hounded about that.. eeek :)

See.. That's Madi the mature graduate!! :):)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well.. It's official, I'm finally a high school graduate!! Class of 2011 :)

Oh and yeah, so I just wore my older brother's gown!! They are just made for height ranges and this one just happened to be 5'9" to 5'11" (which I definitely do not fit into!) Haha. So to be thrifty and cheap we just hemmed it about 5 inches at the bottom and about 3 inches on each sleeve and nobody noticed!! Hahhaha all I had to buy was the hat and tassel! Two of my older brothers and I all used the same graduation gown.. kinda cool! :)

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prettsey Coool.

Yes, pronounce that prett-sey. It's waaay cooler than just pretty.
As is this blog. 
The Blog Guidebook.
They're pretty cool. There are tutorials. And advertising.
And since it's their one year anniversary they're having 30 Days of Giveaways!

Here! That's cool, right? Go enter them. :)

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is a first..

it's a tutorial!! Hahaha.. And the first craft that I can cross of the summer to-do list!
I made a headband!!
First I found Amber's headband tutorial and thought it was really cute so I put my own little twist on it.. I guess..?
So here it goes!

First you need a plastic headband and some cute cute fabric.
Cut a strip at least 3 times as wide as your headband (a tiny bit bigger is even least for me!)
Fold the strip in half and sew right sides together. (I ironed it in half too so it would be easier to sew)
Flip right side out and put it on the headband. This is when I cut the strip to fit my headband. 
I wanted it fitted and straight so I just left a half an inch on each end to fold and hot glue. If you want it scrunchie like Amber's just use more fabric.
Now for the bow! (At least that's what I put on it)
Cut a strip 4 inches wide and 14 inches long.
Fold in half and sew wrong sides together.
Flip!! And fold ends under to create bow shape.
I folded mine in thirds to create a small-ish but full bow!
Tie center of bow with scrap fabric strip.
Then cut another piece.. 3 inches wide by 4 inches long.
(That's what I used so that I would have a little extra bit to be able to trim!) 
Fold (hotdog style!) and sew wrong sides together.
Flip and I pressed it (gathered like because that's cute and all).
Then cover center and glue!
I was then able to slip the headband into the bow so that it would lay flatter.
Hope that makes sense to yall.
If you don't care about it being bulky or anything, just glue it to the headband.
Or you could make it into a clip so you could wear it with or without the headband.
And now wearing it!
(Ignore the squinty eyes ha!)
Now I'm ready to go to after prom tonight!
Looking all cute and everything.
Haha it's necessary when you aren't going to the actual prom,
just the party--fun--part afterwards!

FYI--After prom is what they have down here in Texas to keep kids from drinking and sex and all once the prom is over. So like if prom ends at 12, the it starts at 12:30am and goes until like 5 in the morning!!! (When I am normally getting up for seminary. Which is over now! It ended Friday!! Insert Friday by Rebecca Black lyrics here.)

Mine is hosted at the school. For ours they are setting up a fake casino in the gym, having all sorts of blow up slides and such in the other gym, and a cafe and such in the cafeteria. And every senior that attends that school wins a prize! So it's a win win situation--FUN and FREE STUFF! 

Love love. Pictures sometime later.. :) I'm sooo excited for tonight!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Craft List

After a long deliberation.. the list is complete!!
So here are the things I want to make this summer.
Some I have the specific tutorial I want to use, some I don't.
In no particular order.. Here it goes!

  1. a wall hanging that shows my love for TEXAS! (here are my insirpations -- here, here, & here! -- think rustic, southern, amazing)
  2. a skirt
  3. jewelry (mainly this bracelet and this necklace!)
  4. a memory/cork/photo/ribbon board for my dorm room (I really like these ones -- here & here!)
  5. a scarf (preferably multiple!) -- here is one I like..
  6. a camera strap
  7. sparkly shoes!!!!! (here!!)
  8. a (..nother) dress -- shirt dress again?
  9. headbands (my faves -- here & here)
  10. and finally a bag. or makeup bag. (here or here? and there are a billion other tutorials out there!)
And a few extras if possible.. ;)
  1. a screenprinted tee (tutorial here)
  2. belt..? (here)
  3. something ombre (here)
So there are the lists. I have 10 crafts/projects that I want to do this summer and a few bonus projects (if I get to them!!) And who knows..maybe I'll have to add more!

12 weeks.
10 projects.
1 full time job.
1 very tired teenager girl.

(HAHA! like the dramatic effect?? imagine it's a cheesy dramatic movie commercial!)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


The goal for the summer. To complete 10 (maybe 15?) crafts. I have been emailing myself links of crafts forever.. I've decided it's time to actually make some of them. I've made three of them in the past few months or so.. but there are still a ton on the list! I'm going to search through and come up with a list of the ones I'm going to do this summer! Then have some bonus ones so that I can go above and beyond :) 

Here are the ones I've already done:

-Elle Apparel's Shirt Dress (mine did the same thing her's did..I had to add ruffles at the bottom too!)
-Noodlehead's Gathered Clutch (I love mine.. but use the fusible fleece!! I skipped out on it.. :/ But it's still way cute!)
-And tons of places have tutorials for those Rolled Flower Clips (I just kinda winged it at YW's though!)

(photos from their respective websites!)

So the list will be up sometime this week.. maybe tomorrow! And I'll post pictures and such of my past craft adventures/attempts! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here's what I wore yesterday... [Can you tell, I'm attempting to be a better blogger ;)]
This is probably one of my favorite outfits ever! 
I've had this shirt for a while and I love it.
It's extremely comfy, but it wasn't very flattering before.

So then I went and for me a cute brown braided belt (from Gap).
And used this tutorial from Clothed Much.
And now it's cute.
And flattering!
And comfy!! 

Reminds me of something Kelli would wear.. ha!

 It's going to be a great day. Wanna know why?
Today I get to go see my new nephew!! I'm so so soo don't even know.
I have my last choir concert ever tonight. Way sad. But it's exciting.. it will be pretty fun.
Mom and I are going shoppppping. 
And..I don't have to go to school for long!
And our seminary teacher brought us donuts!! [Early morning seminary is hard. and tiring. but very very worth it!]

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation is coming!!

Oh man. I only have a week and a half of classes left then finals week. But I'm pretty much done already. So that's pretty great!

I signed up for a few of my classes yesterday. Crazy. College is sooooo soon. Ahhh. I can't wait for BYU. :)

Here is what I made for my graduation announcement and party invitation!! I used Digital Scrapbook Memories Celebrate Kit. SO CUTE.

I used Photoshop Elements to create them. I love photoshop. It is simply amazing!

Other exciting news.. My sister-in-law Lainie had their baby this morning!! At like 4 am!!! :) I'm so excited. I'm officially an aunt! His name is Braxton. Yay!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Last Dance

Choir banquet was Friday. And it was my last one ever. Crazy. I remember freshman year soo well and it seems like it was yesterday, but now I'm getting ready for college. It was an emotional banquet, but a very fun one too!! Here are some lovely lovely picturest. I got to present the awards with my friend Becca [most likely to blah blah, best hair, laugh, Mr. GQ, etc] So that was really fun. I was voted Most Likely to be a Soccer Mom. Hahaha. :) And we danced. A lot. A lot. Like really good workout. :)

1. Me and Sam [we matched!!] 2. Me and Beaven [we were dancing.. soo we were all sweaty haha] 3. Me and Kirsten.. A freshman in choir [also Mormon] and we decided.. MODEST ARE THE HOTTEST!
Becca & I presenting awards :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

5 Lovely Things

I think I'm trying to make up for my lack of blogging lately.. :)


1. APEX BACKPACK  [from LL Bean]
I want this backpack. For college. [yet another example of how I am a dork!]

2. NEW LEAF FOLDING TOTE  [pattern from Heather Bailey]
My mom and I are going to make this tote bag out of the cutest oil cloth we got at City Craft. If you're ever in Dallas, make sure you go visit.. they have the cutest stuff ever!! [But we're going to leave off that front folding pocket thing.. It's the cutest.

Need I say more??  [1. Levi's 501 Boyfriend, 2. Downeast Basics Boyfriend, 3. Levi's 501 Boyfriend]

4. DON'T FORGET CARDI  [from Downeast Basics]
Come on.. it's sooo cute. Who doesn't want a sweater that ties with a bow!?

5. SATURDAY MARKET BAG  [pattern from Heather Bailey]
Here's another pattern from Heather Bailey that I've been wanting  f o r e v e r .  Soon enough I'll have it.. I'm sure of it ha!

Happpppy Day.

A little bit of everything..

All I can say is..I'm not the absolute worst blogger in the whole entire world! I'm just down there a ways.. :) I've gotten pretty busy these past few weeks between school work, family events, and other various things. So here is the list of things that I can remember happening in the past three weeks:

  1. I turned 18!!! :) YAYAY! and didn't have to renew my license! [honest!!]
  2. I got cowboy boots!! I'm a real Texan now ;)
  3. I got my senior pictures taken.. and I love them!
  4. I saw Soul Surfer [with Amanda and her sister] and Prom [with Amanda] -- both were cute and way clean [so hard to find these days!] Soul Surfer was my favorite though :)
  5. I got my Young Women Recognition Award/Personal Progress Award/Medallion [about it]
  6. My sister-in-law had her baby shower [she's due in 2 weeks and I can't wait!!!!]
  7. My mom and I went adventuring at an Antique Mall [great finds and fun!]
  8. Made a graduation announcement for a friend [and I'm making another tomorrow]
  9. Realized I have a *major* crush on a boy in one of my classes, but he actually goes to a different school, and gathered up the courage to talk to him
  10. Realized I am destined to marry a nerd [by that I mean a really smart guy!] because I am a nerd. I loooove biology. Like love it. No joke.. And I enjoy learning about it and find it fascinating and want to tell everyone about it. Ask Amanda.. ;)
  11. Took the AP Biology exam [today] and hope I did okay
  12. Talked to people at the college of life sciences at BYU and found out what classes I need to take [did I mention, I figured out what I'm going to major in?? Biological Science Education. I'm a nerd and I love it!!]
  13. Celebrated Mother's Day [hope y'all treated your mothers wonderfully!]
  14. Got lots of new clothes :):)
Thats all I can think of.. Major events at least..haha and yes I had to consult my journal for a few of those.

Now for the explanations of a few..

1. Last year, when I turned 17, I went to renew my license but they messed it up and put the wrong expiration date on it or something so I don't have to get a new one until..2017! Woot woot!

 3. Here are my favorites.. [and YES I wore my cowboy boooots!]

Oooh. I feel somewhat self absorbed now.. Promise I'm not!!
For family home evening tonight guess what we watched!! This and oh man.. that is an impressive 13 year old.. Inspiring :) Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



Get that!?! 18!! My birthday is in seven days. Ahh! I am so excited. Sort of. I'm going to be an adult. Nooo..that's a lie. I will always be the baby! Man it's nice being the youngest!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Prommy Prom Prom!

Okay so here's one picture :)

So with my lovely black dress I wore my pink sparkley Toms! :) And I was extremely comfy all night! It was a blast! These are all the senior girls from my seminary class!! [Kaitlyn, Rachel, Amanda, Me, Katie, Megan, and Bre]


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crisis ..plural!

Oh goodness, this is confusing! So, since Mormon Prom is coming up on Friday, my mom and I tried to shorten my dress (since the hem was all messed up! dumb store..) Well it's satin and that pretty much totally screwed it up! [not my mother's just wasn't a good dress. thank goodness it was cheeaaappp] yaaay.. [plus it made my butt look awkwardly large.. gross!]

Insert crisis number 1 here.

Then we went and got all my other pretty fancy dresses from the past and looked at them to find the solution. Here comes "Freshman Year, Choir Banquet Dress." So cute, classic, black (so it goes with the toms I'm wearing!), and SHORT. GAHHHHH.

Crisis number 2 here.

Finally, a solution was found. And pretty much my mother is amazing. She was able to add to the bottom layer and make it long enough and it looks like that is how it was made. 

Prom dress = Amazing. Imma look hottttt. :)
The crisis [plural??] were averted and all is well.

And now my question to all yall [remember, I'm from Texas!] is..
What is the plural form of crisis? Oh and I wouldn't look at it for too long, otherwise it starts to look like it's spelled wrong!! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fame or Shame?

Quick post real quick then off to my choir concert!!
Look at these.. aren't they great!? Here are my favorites :) ENJOY


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lovely Lovely Things!

So, I'm pretty darn happy right now! Here is why:


+Having the sis & hubby and the bro & wifey all at home!

+Getting my mandatory NHS hours done this afternoon w/great friends!

+Getting to sign up for housing on Monday AND there are still 3 beds left in the hall I really want, and 12 in my second choice! [+ I have the first time on Monday!!]

+Ice cream = Yum!


+And this lip stain! They are way coooool!! [Also for prom..can you tell I'm getting ready for it?]

+Tessa's amazing bun that I have been sporting for 4 of the past 5 days! So cute.. Check it out!

+Mormon Prom is next Friday and I cannot wait! 

+Painting my nails during conference.. :)

This is going to be a GREAT weekend!